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CropForge is a collaborative project and software development site, providing tools, trackers, task managers, forums, mailing list, document managers and a centralized workspace for developers to control and manage software development.
This site is being maintained by the Crop Research Informatics Laboratory (CRIL) of IRRI.

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SVN Howto
vivay salazar

This is a How to of using Subversion (SVN) for the first time:

Project administrators
vivay salazar

To all project administrators:

Most of the project names were already created for you. Kindly check if your projects are listed in the <Projects> menu. If you are the administrator, you can now start adding the other members of your team to your project. Please check Basic Instructions in Managing your Cropforge Projects.


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(2011-11-11) Haplophyle
(2011-10-24) IBP Configurable Workflow System
(2011-10-24) IBP Middleware
(2011-10-14) Plant Breeding Tools
(2011-10-11) BASCULA 4.0
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(71) ICIS Administrator's Tool
(32) ICIS Data Mining Tool
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